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Ida Valley, Central Otago


Looking for an amazing place to base your adventures in Central Otago? Look no further. With four rooms with ensuite bathrooms, a cafe/bar, dining room, entertaining area and lush outdoor areas, we’ve got all your needs covered. Additionally, we’ve got the space and facilities to hold events for up to thirty people.


What adventures are on offer? Some of our favourites include: biking the rail trail, fishing at the Poolburn Dam, stand-up paddleboarding or kayaking at St. Bathans, photography where the Lord of the Rings was filmed, a tour of local wineries and brewery, and mountain biking in Naseby, Alexandra and Clyde.

Since the 1920s the Poolburn Hotel has been the meeting place of the Ida Valley. Nestled in the remote highlands of Central Otago, between Dunedin and the Lakes District, the valley is an adventure mecca. No longer a pub, we now offer lodging and activities to adventurers from afar.

The Team

A wayward collection of city folk who have found a home in the Ida Valley


Tractor Operator, kitchenhand

When not moving dirt with the John Deere, Mark will often be found in the kitchen or behind the bar. Drink of choice: any spirits, neat.


Groundskeeper, Barista

Obsessed with building and fixing, Matt will usually be found in the workshop or gym, which are conveniently located next to each other. Drink of choice: fresh milk.


Butler, Security

Cuddle enthusiast, bane of the postman, and hunter of goats. Drink of choice: warm foamy fresh milk.

Rook (Rookie)

Bishop's Understudy

Rook can usually be found curled up by the fire or snuggling on a couch. However, when the sun's out he's a keen adventurer, hunter and bike chaser. Drink of choice: warm frothy fresh milk.

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